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Community Ambassadors is a Christ-centered, compassion-driven nonprofit organization committed to promoting and facilitating greater collaboration in order to effectively empower lives, strengthen families, and build better communities. This mission is carried out in two ways:

  1. Engaging, enriching, and empowering the local community in practical, strategic, and effective ways through service and collaboration – pairing available resources to apparent and legitimate needs.
  2. Collaborating with the Body of Christ by informing, inspiring, serving, equipping, and mobilizing local churches to effectively and harmoniously function as an epicenter of faith, hope, and love to their communities.

A little history….

On October 17, 2010, a small group of like-minded, like-hearted people from The Branch Community Church, in Parma, Ohio, met together to dialogue on the needs of the Parma area community. It was here, in a small conference room on a Sunday afternoon, that Community Ambassadors was born.

From that first meeting spawned an unshakable desire to pursue God’s calling and engage the community like never before. Reaching beyond the four walls, the group endeavored to showcase the love of Christ through practical evangelism and “intentional” acts of service.

In that first year, Community Ambassadors, embarked on a number of new projects, such as Backpacks for Kids, Adopt-A-Family, and Pay It Forward Cafe.

In November, 2011, Community Ambassadors, became a registered non-profit organization, transitioning from a ministry serving under the auspices of TBCC to becoming a fully-independent outreach ministry that would work hand-in-hand with many of the local churches in order to serve the community in greater capacity through partnership and collaboration.

On December 10, 2011, Community Ambassadors relocated to Parmatown Mall where operations were housed until March 31, 2014. Since then, Community Ambassadors has foregone the need for a brick and mortar location and has chosen various venues throughout the community to facilitate its programs.

Today, the organization has expanded its resources and services to include projects like the Community Ambassador Scholarship program and Homework Help, as well as a fatherhood initiative, called HEROES, and a foster care and adoption awareness campaign, called Stop the Wait.

By the grace and power of God, and through the dedicated support and collaboration of many of the local churches, businesses, and agencies in the Parma and surrounding areas, we have seen remarkable things unfold since that first meeting back in 2010. We now look ahead, committing with renewed hope and expectation for even greater things in our community.


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