Connection Newsletter JULY 2013

Don't Lose Heart

by Jeremy Kiner, Co-Director

With not much more than a blink, half the year has whizzed by us and now summer quickly unfolds. For some, like myself, the midpoint of the year brings a moment of reflection and reevaluation. About this time, we sense we’re either right on track with our hopes and expectations for the year or we’re battling the vexing frustration of slow (or no) progress toward the goals we set out so eagerly to achieve just months ago.

Meet the Piper Patch!

Adoption Awareness


Porch Culture

Ministry Spotlight!

This month, we would like to spotlight one of our area churches, Porch Culture, pastored by Stephen Pollite. This summer they launched a new concept in an effort to inspire community and engage neighbors. Through the simplicity of something they call Porch Dinners, they are creating an opportunity and an atmosphere for neighbors to converge, slow down, eat, and actually have a conversation.... right on the porch.

Father & Kid Fishing Night

Community Fatherhood Initiative


Our Mission

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Community Ambassadors is a Christ-centered, compassion-driven nonprofit organization committed to promoting and facilitating greater collaboration in order to effectively empower lives, strengthen families, and build better communities.

At our Ministerial Roundtable in February, a group from the Department of Family and Children Services brought to our attention the immediate need for more foster and adoptive parents here in Cuyahoga County. Up until this meeting, most pastors in the room had no idea we had an epidemic on our hands. In fact, as it stands, there are approximately 600 children right now in our communities who are in need of a permanent family.


Spread the word!  Community Ambassadors will be hosting a Father & Kid Fishing Night on Friday, August 2nd, from 6 - 9 pm.  This event is part of our community-level HEROES Fatherhood Initiative which provides opportunities for dads and kids to engage in fun, free activities that encourage relationship and growth.



Phone: (216) 200-7030

Address: PO Box 29429
                       Parma OH  44129

Community Events


Friday // 6-9 PM - Father & Kid Fishing Night
Lakeview Church of God @ 7555 York Rd., Parma

Wednesday // 8:30 AM - Ministerial Round Table
Family Collab @ 11212 Snow Rd., Parma