Connection Newsletter OCTOBER 2013

Social Media & Your Church

by Aaron Powell, Co-Director

Facebook is huge. With 1.5 billion users, and more than half of them that login every day, it is safe to say that the vast majority of your congregation is on Facebook or some other social media site.


I know, you probably already knew how large the Facebook audience is and that is why you setup a church page a long time ago, but has it been effective? Have you been able to use Facebook to get your information out and get people engaged? If you have, good for you! If not, here are just a few suggestions.


Our Mission


by Jennifer Knight, Director of Forever Homes

As you read this, there are more than six hundred children in the permanent custody of Cuyahoga County.  These children are in foster homes, or group homes, and they are waiting . . . waiting for one of two possible outcomes.


by Aaron Powell, Co-Director

In 2 Timothy 2:2 Paul urges Timothy to teach what he has been taught to others so that they may then go and teach. This isn’t the only passage in the Bible that exhorts men to mentor and disciple younger generations,

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Community Ambassadors is a Christ-centered, compassion-driven nonprofit organization committed to promoting and facilitating greater collaboration in order to effectively empower lives, strengthen families, and build better communities.

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Community Events

OCT 09

Wednesday // 11:30 AM - Mayor DeGeeter's Ministerial Luncheon -

Jesuit Retreat House - 5629 State Rd, Parma OH 44129


Thursday // 8:15 AM - Parma Area Family Collaborative -

St. Vladimir's Ukranian Orthodox Cathedral - 5913 State Rd, Parma OH 44134

OCT 24