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When You Feel Like Quitting

by Jeremy Kiner, Co-Director

Ever felt like quitting? If I may be honest, I have... at least a time or two. Or several. I'm sure somewhere along your ministry or leadership, you have too. There's no shame in feeling this way. It's human nature. There are times that we simply lose the wind in our sails and we question our purpose. In my experience, these moments come out of nowhere. One day our vision is crystal clear, our tank full of vigor, and we’re ready to slay giants.  The next day, our drive is stalled, the volume on our moxie is muted....



HEROES Fatherhood Initiative Update

Parma Area Fatherhood Initiative

Parma Area Ministerial Forum Update

Parma Area Ministerial Forum

Our Mission

Community Ambassadors is a Christ-centered, compassion-driven nonprofit organization committed to promoting and facilitating greater collaboration in order to effectively empower lives, strengthen families, and build better communities.

Last month, Community Ambassadors hosted another Father & Kid Free Movie Night at the Parma Snow Library’s 400-seat, theatre-style auditorium.  Close to 100 dads and kids from the Parma area came out and enjoyed a fun evening of popcorn and a big-screen showing of The LEGO Movie.

On June 9th, we held our spring Parma Area Ministerial Forum at the Parma Area Family Collaborative offices.  With 9 local churches and 4 faith-based organizations represented, the meeting and dialogue turned out to be one of our best yet.  We were honored to have Parma City School District Superintendent Dr. Jeff Graham address the group and....

Community Events


JUL 24


Thursday // 12:00 PM - Parma Area Family Collaborative Meeting

@ Parma Area Family Collaborative - 11212 Snow Rd., Parma

Friday // 6:00 PM - HEROES Father & Kid Bowling Night

@ Yorktown Lanes - 6218 Pearl Rd., Parma Heights

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Email:       [email protected]

Phone:     (216) 200-7030

Address:  PO Box 29429,

                    Parma OH  44129