Connection Newsletter OCTOBER 2014

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Call to Prayer

by Jeremy Kiner, Co-Director

With more and more headlines of Islamic extremism and Christian persecution filling our news feeds, I am continuously reminded of the brokenness of our world.  I would submit, however, that the terrorism of our day does not merely center on the difference of religious ideology or attacks against our physical safety.  What has troubled my spirit even more these last few weeks is the....


All Kids Playground

by Daniell Powell, Co-Director

Permanency Champions Mentoring Program

Parma Area Foster Care & Adoption Initiative

Our Mission


Community Ambassadors is a Christ-centered, compassion-driven nonprofit organization committed to promoting and facilitating greater collaboration in order to effectively empower lives, strengthen families, and build better communities.

Lets Play! It’s a phrase that’s spoken in my house, multiple times a day. Whether it is hide and seek, a board game or capture the flag, playing is what kids do best! Our family is blessed to live within walking distance of three amazing parks. It’s one of the benefits of living in the great city of Parma.

At our previous Parma Area Ministerial Forum on September 22, Robert Gibbons, Mentoring Coordinator at Adoption Network Cleveland, shared an initiative called the Permanency Champions Mentoring Program.  Among the information Gibbons provided, he indicated a high need for mentors (aka. Permanency Champions) in the Parma area.

Community Events


OCT 22

OCT 23

Wednesday // 11:30 AM - Mayor DeGeeter's Ministerial Luncheon

@ Stancato's - 7380 State Rd., Parma

Thursday // 8:15 AM - Parma Area Family Collaborative Meeting

@ Parma Baptist Church - 12193 W. Pleasant Valley Rd., Parma

Contact Us

Email:       [email protected]

Phone:     (216) 200-7030

NOV 20

Thursday // 5:30 PM - Adoption Network Cleveland - Mentoring Training

@ Adoption Network Cleveland - 4614 Prospect Ave., Ste. 550, Cleveland

NOV 21

Friday // 8:00 AM - Community/Business/Schools Partnership Meeting

@ Tri-C Western Campus - 11000 Pleasant Valley Rd., Parma

Address:  PO Box 29429,

                    Parma OH  44129