Pay It Forward Cafe Closed for Winter

Because of safety concerns for our patrons, it was decided to temporarily suspend the Pay It Forward Cafe (PIF Cafe) program for the upcoming winter months (January – March).  During this time, Community Ambassadors will replace the program…

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Box Runners are Here!

Starting January, 2015, Community Ambassadors will be launching a new food outreach program called Box Runners! While Pay It Forward Cafe will be closed during the winter months, Box Runners will be in full force delivering meals to those most in need.

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Jeremy & Dona Kiner on TCT Rejoice

Community Ambassadors’ Co-Directors Jeremy and Dona Kiner sit down with TCT Rejoice program host Bishop David Pratt to discuss getting involved with your community.


Welcome to the COMMUNITY!

If you haven’t discovered already, the Parma area is truly a fantastic place to live, work, worship, and raise families.  If you are planting your roots or just passing through, we want to help introduce you to the many opportunities, beautiful sites, and wonderful people in Northeast Ohio.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Want to make a difference? No matter how big or small, Community Ambassadors believes EVERYONE can be an Ambassador in our community.  We also believe that it is more powerful to give than to receive.  That is why we encourage community involvement and collaboration in everything we do.

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Be Silly Together
Here is another in the series of "Show Kids You Care"... Read More
Respect the Choices They Make
Here is another in the series of "Show Kids You Care"... Read More
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